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An image presenting "Doozy Cleaning Services": a circular logo featuring a central water droplet icon, surrounded by the business name elegantly curved around it. The design exudes freshness and efficiency, symbolizing the thoroughness and effectiveness of your cleaning services.


We Clean For

Discover the difference a clean space can make in your life with Doozy Cleaning Service. As a family-owned business, we're dedicated to redefining cleaning standards, prioritizing your well-being. Our goal is to cultivate a safe, healthy environment tailored specifically for you. Let us elevate your home or workspace into a healthier, more inviting place to live and work



Introducing Doozy Cleaning Services! From homes to offices, we specialize in top-notch residential and commercial cleaning. Let us handle the dirt while you enjoy the sparkle!


With extensive experience in residential and commercial cleaning, Doozy Cleaning Services delivers exceptional results every time

 We believe in taking ownership of our actions and decisions, ensuring transparency and reliability in everything we do. Our commitment to accountability extends to our clients, employees, and the community, fostering trust and integrity in all aspects of our operations.

Group of six cleaners in blue aprons with cleaning tools in a bright, empty room.


Client Success Stories: Hear What Our Clients Say

Doozy Cleaning Services is the definition of "above and beyond" My crawl space needed to be cleaned which I thought would be vacuuming and wiping. Doozy Cleaning Services did a complete thorough disinfecting of the space. I could not be more impressed with the night/day difference. This is a level of detail I could never have done myself. Their work was worth every penny. Thank you good Doozy Cleaning Service



I was very impressed with Doozy Cleaning! They are highly responsive, very detail oriented, and actively seeks feedback so that they can meet and exceed expectations. I hired them for a deep clean, and was so impressed I hired them for subsequent bi-weekly cleaning. A great company and a great value.


They are responsive, trustworthy, fair-priced and they get the job done! I’m so They went above and beyond with the job and even showed to courtesy to come back in 30 minutes after I asked them to try again with a surface. I strongly recommend Doozy Cleaning to any renter or home owner in Denver!




Our Unwavering commitment towards a cleaner future

Assorted cleaning supplies on a light blue background, including spray bottles and a sponge.
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